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I am a postdoc in geometric group theory working in the Topology Group at the WWU Münster (job title: "akademischer Rat a.Z." ~ research associate). My graduate studies were supervised by Martin Bridson in Oxford and afterwards I was a postdoc for a year at the Technion before participating in the Hausdorff Trimester Program Logic and Algorithms in Group Theory in Bonn (September to December 2018). I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Sydney and wrote my honours thesis under the supervision of Anne Thomas.

I successfully defended my DPhil thesis on 1 September 2017.

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Research interests

I'm interested in obstructions to negative and non-positive curvature (for instance, in what settings are subgroups like Baumslag-Solitar groups the only obstruction?), one-relator groups, group boundaries, finiteness properties, profinite rigidity, minimal presentations (e.g. deficiency), group laws, algorithms and compexity in group theory. My interest in computational group theory is not purely theoretical: I code as appropriate.


I have an arXiv page.

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I have no teaching duties in WS 2018/19. I had no teaching duties at the Technion.

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I made a poster titled The word problem and one-relator groups (NB: 2.5 MB TIFF file, or click thumbnail below for 740 KB JPEG). It outlines a project in which I verified that a problem suggested by Myasnikov, Ushakov and Won has a positive answer for many small cases. My paper with Daniel Woodhouse shows that the answer is false in general.

There's also a poster corresponding to an old version of the paper Finite groups of arbitrary deficiency (a 3.0 MB PDF file, or 700 KB JPEG linked from thumbnail). The new version avoids the spectral sequence computation.

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