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I am a postdoc in geometric group theory working in the Topology Group at the WWU Münster (job title: "akademischer Rat a.Z." ~ research associate). I did my graduate studies under Martin Bridson's supervision in Oxford, defending my DPhil thesis on 1 September 2017. Afterwards I was a postdoc for a year at the Technion before participating in the Hausdorff Trimester Program Logic and Algorithms in Group Theory in Bonn (September to December 2018). I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Sydney and wrote my honours thesis under the supervision of Anne Thomas.

Research interests

I'm interested in obstructions to negative and non-positive curvature (for instance, in what settings are subgroups like Baumslag-Solitar groups the only obstruction?), group rings, one-relator groups, group boundaries, finiteness properties, profinite rigidity, minimal presentations (e.g. deficiency), group laws, algorithms and compexity in group theory. My interest in computational group theory is not purely theoretical: I code as appropriate.


My papers are all on my arXiv page.

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I had no teaching duties in WS 2018/19 in Münster or at the Technion.

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